Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photoshop studies

I'm trying to get better at Photoshop, so here are some studies of people I did today.

This one is of Alyssa (her art blog is on my links to the right, btw, so do visit). She was Photoshoppin' me too, so that's why she looks so serious.

And this is JP. He's playing Magic. Haha, I realize both of these are extremely stiff, but ah well. My main goal is just to practice painting in Photoshop, since my Viz Dev works look so muddy. :[

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It scares me when you do that.

This was in the Spartan Daily today.

I had fun painting it~ :3

And this was a first pass with Viz Dev. It's based on "The Drowned Giant" by J. G. Ballard. I was hoping it would be a nice, finished, in-house picture but no... I must redo it because it still has problems. Ah well, I like drawing drowned giants.