Friday, May 9, 2008

Every blog needs a cat sketch...

Canaan has a very soft, luxurious cat-bed he can sleep in at any time of the day. Instead, he prefers to sleep in a cardboard box filled with trash. We keep meaning to throw it out, but haven't the heart to upset his day.
...sketched in Photoshop, yo....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Locksmith Character Design

Here is my evolution for a character design of a locksmith located in San Francisco. The only stipulations was that the character had to be intimidating at night, yet still a "nice guy". I'm still developing him, but I thought I'd upload my current works-in-progress.

This version had to be more realistic, like something seen in ILM. I realize I could have made him much more realistic, but I err on the side of whimsical in designing characters.

In the next iteration we had to take our character and go the opposite direction (making them more fun and whimsical). I think I can push it more, plus there are several things I need to fix on him (breaking up his design some more, making the composition of it flow better, showing more sketches of him actually locksmithing). Overall, I think it's getting there. I like his boots. :p