Saturday, July 31, 2010

Figure drawing and sketch dump

Another sketch dump to prove I do things other than work stuff. ;)

Mall sketch page. 'Cause I like drawing people at the mall like a creepy stalker.

This is a sketch page where I drew stills from Janelle Monae's music video Tightrope. I highly recommend finding her video on YouTube, 'cause it's goooooood.

I had the pleasure to visit Italy thanks to my company, Crowdstar. I drew this distant household while chilling on the porch of our villa in a new Moleskine (yes, yes, I caved in and got one... because I wanna feel like a legit artist! D:)

30 second and 1 minute poses. Mixture of models from session 1 and 2.

Model 1: 5 and 10 minute poses.

Model 1: 15 minute pose (I think...)

Model 2: 10 minute poses.

Model 2: 10 minute poses? 15? No more than 15.

Model 2: 20 minute pose that I felt like caricaturing. Was fun! I should do it more like Stephen Silver suggests with life drawing. :3

Aaaaand, that's all I felt like showing. :D

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well hello there.

I haven't updated in a long time, so I thought I'd just dump a bunch of images (some old, some newish... saving recent ones for a later post, hopefully.) I've been busy with work and various projects, so that's the main reason.
At any rate, the doodle below is ooooold, but I still like it. It's all 'dances with vampires', haha. I had another sequential doodle where the vampire is dead 'cause she staked him right afterwards, but I left that one out.

A series of sketches from the sketchbook. I draw too many floating women with weird attempts at caricature. You can see I just fill up pages with no rhyme or reason. It makes me look crazy, but I take some private glee at how much it'll confuse my relatives later on in life.
Most of these are out of my head or on BART and various places. I think the only study I have is the one of "The Graduate".

Aletta insisted I include the old woman pocking her nose. I'm obliging.

Berkeley. Another old sketch. I think the girl sitting on the block is horrid, but like the building doodle. I still cannot draw cars.

And I can finally show this off on my blog, since all of these virtual gifts are live. You can check them out at the gift store at . I have other stuff that I've done for hi5 in my portfolio, if you want to check that out.
I like the zombie and dragon the most. :3